Hollow Grind - Blade Geometry

Asymmetrical Grind Info


An asymmetrical grind could be used to describe any grind that is not the same on both sides of the knife like a chisel grind, but generally speaking it usually used to describe the unique secondary bevel that Busse Combat uses on their knives. Note that Busse knives usually have flat grinds and the asymmetrical grind refers only to the secondary bevel.

The picture on the left is blown up a bit more than the other grind pictures to show the secondary grind better. As you can see the secondary bevel is flat on one side, and convex on the other. Busse claims that this grind is tougher than a standard V-grind, and how it is easier to sharpen as well, which is true in many ways.

The asymmetrical grind allows you to just home the one flat side, and remove the burr from the other. This makes sharpening faster, and and leaves an edge less prone to chipping due to the increased toughness. However, an asymmetrical ground secondary bevel is not as sharp as a V-grind and is designed more for toughness.