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Convex Grind Info


A convex grind, sometimes called a Moran Edge or Appleseed Grind, is considered a superior grind by many and is a forger favourite. The Convex grind is essentially a single grind without any secondary bevel, and curves into a point, typically without a secondary bevel, though some convex grinds have a secondary bevel.

The convex grind is easier to freehand sharpen than other grinds by using the mouse pad and sandpaper method, which is very easy to do, followed by a good stropping. Convex Grinds are usually stronger than most other grinds thought lack the thin edge that other grinds have, trading a bit of sharpness for durability. Most convex ground knives are found on custom or handmade knives, and are frequently forged and not ground (thus the name Moran Edge as opposed to Moran Grind).

Some popular production convex ground knives include the Fallkniven F1 and most of the models from Bark River Knives.

Convex Grind Examples