Nightmare Grind - Blade Geometry

Nightmare Grind Info


A Nighmare grind is not really a grind, but a blade feature, like a recurve. The Nightmare grind is basically an additional grind that is done by Strider to some of their custom MSC or DDC models. It resembles a deep hollow grind taken out of the middle of the blade edge creating sort of a hook or recurve depending on how the grind is done. The Tom Brown Tracker knife from TOPS has a similar feature.

According to Mick Strider, the Nightmare grind is named as such because it is a Nightmare to Grind. Some of the nightmare grind models have two nightmare grinds overlapping, which creates a very unique look.

Allen Elishewitz's Horus and Anubis folder designs for CRKT both have what is essentially a Strider Nightmare Grind as well.

Nightmare Grind Examples