Sabre Grind - Blade Geometry

Sabre Grind Info


The sabre grind is a fairly common blade grind that involves having a flat primary edge bevel that beings somewhere around the middle of the knife and continues along to the edge. At the edge, the secondary bevel forms the final sharpened edge of the knife.

This type of grind is very strong and designed to give maximum edge strength at the sacrifice of some cutting ability. The thicker overall edge profile means that push cutting and slicing through larger objects will create more drag. A classical example of a Sabre Ground blade, is the Ka-bar knife.

The Sabre grind differs from the flat grind in where the grind begins. A flat grind typically beings at or near the spine, whereas a sabre grind typicall begins close to the middle or even lower.

Sabre or Scandinavian or Double Bevel?

There is often some disagreement as to whether the Sabre Grind as I have described it is actually called a Double or Back Bevel Grind due to the presence of a secondary bevel. I do not claim to be the final word, however, since so many different types of blade grinds have secondary bevels, I don't think its accurate to call this grind as such.

A Scandinavian grind does NOT have a secondary bevel which should differentiate it from the Sabre grind as I have described here.

Sabre Grind Examples