Clip Point - Blade Geometry

Clip Point Info


Clip point blades are very popular, and found on everything from utility knives to hunting knives. The point is similar to a drop point shape, but with a clipped-out portion of the blade near the tip, that gives it a curving point. The lowers the point of the knife to give the user more control, while retaining a decent sized belly for slashing.

The clip point is one of the most classic knife patterns and is instantly recognizable in the Buck 110 or various classic bowie knives.

Modified Clip Point

Sometimes you will see a classification of modified clip point used to describe a knife. Typically this is used when the knife is of a general clip point style, but not entirely recognizable as a clip point. Some very common examples of modified clip points would be the Spyderco Endura and Spyderco Military.

Clip Point Examples