Dagger Shape - Blade Geometry

Dagger Shape Info


The dagger blade is a perfectly symmetrical blade like a spearpoint but slightly more pointy with less belly and the grinds should be perfectly symmetrical. In some US States it is illegal to have a double edged knife, so daggers are often found with an unsharpened top edge with no secondary bevel. Daggers are also usually characterized by a perfectly symmetrical handle as well.

Daggers tend to be less common than most other blade types and are usually used in ornamental knives used for display purposes. Having said that, there are still a few makers that make a tactical use dagger such as Brian Tighe and Andre DeVilliers.

Some modern dagger designs including the folding designs like the Tighe Die Dagger from Brian Tighe do not have symmetrical grinds, but because of the thin pointy blade, symmetrical blade shape and symmetrical handle, they could certainly still be classified as a Dagger in many ways. This is just one example of a modern modified dagger pattern.

Dagger Examples