Drop Point - Blade Geometry

Drop Point Info


The drop point is very popular blade shape pattern and is found a lot on modern tactical folding knives. It is a favourite among a lot of custom knifemakers as well. Makers such as Kirby Lambert and Greg Lightfoot have a couple of prime examples of a drop point.

The general shape of the drop point is essentially where the spine of back of the blade curve down slightly to meet the tip, where the tip is still noticeably higher than the midpoint of the blade, unlike a spearpoint where the tip is at the midpoint.

Modified Drop Point

Sometimes you will see a classification of modified clip point used to describe a knife. Typically this is used when the knife is of a general clip point style, but not entirely recognizable as a clip point. Some very common examples of modified clip points would be the Spyderco Endura and Spyderco Military.

Drop Point Examples