Recurve Blade - Blade Geometry

Recurve Blade Info


A recurve isn't so much a blade shape as it is a blade feature. Any type of blade, such as a drop point, clip point, and even a hawkbill can have a recurve, so think of a recurve as not a standalone blade shape, but a blade characteristic instead.

A recurve is basically when the blade has something of an "S" shape in it, usually creating a big belly that helps the knife excel at slicing and chopping. The recurve also creates a bit of a forward angle on the edge allowing a regular drop point with a recurve to excel at draw-cuts. Sometimes you see Hawkbill blades with a recurve such as with the Spyderco Civillian, Cricket and Dodo. As you may have guessed, they are a favourite of Spyderco.

Larger knives can benefit from the extra weight on the blade creating by a recurve making them better choppers, such as with a Khukri or some recurve Machetes.

Recurves are also very popular with custom makers lately with some big guns like Ken Onion making nothing but recurve knives, and popular tactical makers like Kirby Lambert who's newest 3-4 designs have all been recurve folders.

Recurve Blade Examples