Sheepsfoot Blade - Blade Geometry

Sheepsfoot Blade Info


The sheepsfoot blade is has a rounded tip and flat edge, and is commonly seen with rescue knives such as the Spyderco Rescue as the lack of a point makes them safer to use in close proximity to persons needed to be freed from seatbelts or rope. Sheepsfoot blades are sometimes confused with Wharncliffes, which are similar but have a more pronounced point.

Sheepsfoot blades are not that common, and tend to be used for specialized purposes, usually where having a point on the knife could be dangerous or cause problems. There are some variations out there now with modified sheepsfoot blades that have a curved blade, with the recognizably blunt sheepsfoot tip. This is almost more of a santoku style blade, and does have its uses.

The Marzitelli example below is almost a halfway design between a sheepsfoot and a wharncliffe, but could be safely called a sheepsfoot.

Sheepsfoot Blade Examples