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A compression lock looks almost like a liner lock that is on the back of the handle instead of the front. The compression lock is also formed from the liner of the knife, and springs out sideways from the inside of the handle, but the similarities end there.

The mechanics of a compression lock are different from a liner lock. When engaged, the compression lock springs sideways, and wedges itself between the blade tang and the anvil pin (same as a stop pin). The blade tang surface that contacts the lock is concave as on a liner locking blade, facing the opposite way. The lock has a lot of potential but the mechanics and points of failure are more complex than a liner lock, and thus more difficult to produce.

To release the lock, you simply push the lock towards the handle, and use your other hand to close the knife. Similar to a liner lock except two hands are required.

Obviously it is very difficult to explain in words how the lock works, but Spyderco has provided a nice diagram of the construction of a compression lock pictured below.

Compression Lock Examples