Dymondwood® Laminate - Knife Handle Material

Dymondwood Info


Dymondwood is phenolic resin impregnated wood veneers that are laminated and compressed. As you can tell, it is very much like Micarta, G10 and Carbon fiber, except the base material is different; in this case it is wood.

Dymondwood is very affordable and is common used on budget knives as well as pen blanks and other craft projects. It comes in many multi-color combinations and has a somewhat tacky look to it in my opinion, though there are much more conservative Dymondwood colors available now that are much more palettable. Anza file knives were one of the decent knife makers to produce knives using a lot of Dymondwood.

Nowadays it is not common to see Dymondwood used in quality production knives, but it is a very stable material with very decent toughness. It is more stable than regular wood, and quite a bit tougher than most woods.

Dymondwood® Examples