Mammoth and Mastodon Tooth - Knife Handle Material

Mammoth Tooth Info


Though Mammoth and Mastodon Tooth is technically Ivory as well, I've kept them separate for the purposes of this reference since they have a very different physical appearance, though they are made up of the same materials: 30% collagen and 70% inorganic material.

Mammoth and Mastodon Ivory look very similar when they are polished up and used on knives, but they look very different in fossil form. The diagram on the left shows the flat tooth of a wooly mammoth. A Mastodon has pointier teeth that allow it to each leaves from over-hanging branches.

Mammoth and Mastodon Tooth when used in knife handles has a striped or mixed appearance, usually with darker band or sections alternating with a lighter band or section. The physical appearance is very different from Mammoth Ivory, making them two very difference choices as you can see from the examples below. As you can see, Stephen Vanderkolff uses a lot of Mammoth tooth in his knives.

Mammoth Tooth Examples