Stag - Knife Handle Material

Stag Info


Stag, as it is called for short, refers do the antler of a male deer, or stag. Why it is just called "stag" I am not sure. Traditionally, materials like Stag, Bone and Ivory represent the hunt, and the prize of the hunt. They use is wrought in tradition and symbolism of our hunter-gatherer roots.

For example, quite often, it is hunting knives that will have Bone or Stag handles. Usually found in folding knives such as a Case Stockman or a fixed blade hunter of some sort, stag gives the knife that look that no other type of material has.

Deer antlers are grown in annual by the Stag, and are shed in the beginning of the year. This process occurs every year, so using stag for handle material is not cruel like the act of killing an elephant simply for it's tusks. In fact, deer antlers are a renewable resource.

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