Benchmade Nitrous - Assisted Opening Systems

Benchmade Nitrous Info

Benchmade Nitrous is one of two technologies that Benchmade developed for assisted opening, and in my opinion is probably the best one on the market. It doesn't have the same torsion spring that the Kershaw Speedsafe system has that can eaily fail. However, there could be an argument that the Nitrous sacrificed frame strength for reliability of the assisted opening mechanism since the spring action is achieved by using part of the liner as the torision spring. Considering Benchamde isn't really a "hard use" knife manufacturer, this probably isn't a big issue.

Another argument against the Nitrous is that debris getting inside the knife could actually prevent it from opening if it gets into the nitrous mechanism since it is somewhat open.

How it Works

The Benchmade Nitrous system uses the actual liner/frame of the knife as a torsion spring by milling one out of it. As you can see in the photo example below, there is a roller mechanism that is held by the two torsion springs and applies pressure to the blade tang once it is opened to 30% and thus springing it open.

Nitrous Pictures