A2 Tool Steel for Knife Blades

AISI A2 Tool Steel

Manufacturer: Various

A2 Tool steel is a favourite of forgers, and designed to be air hardened. It has a repuation for being one of the toughest tools teels on the market, and can tempered to RC62 or harder. Though it is reputed to be tougher, there have been complaints over the years of A2 steel blade chipping and cracking from use. This may not be due to the fault of the steel, but possibly the person tempering it, or the manufacturer of the particular batch.

Buffalo Precision A2 Data Sheet PDF


C Co Cr Mn Mo Ni P Si S Cu V
0.95-1.05 - 4.75-5.5 1 0.9-1.4 0.3 0.03 0.5 0.03 0.25 0.15-0.5
Values are shown in percentages.