W2 Tool Steel for Knife Blades

AISI W2 Tool Steel

Manufacturer: Various

W2 is a water-hardening tool steel that is popular with forgers. It is not a commonly used steel with stock removal makers as it is not always sold in flat ground stock, but is sometimes used for swords as well as knives. W2 takes on a very beautiful hamon when it is clay tempered bringing out some beautiful patterns.

Performance-wise, W2 is an excellent steel, having a very big range of components in the alloy such as Vanadium and Tungsten as well as a healthy smount of carbon. It takes a very fine edge and holds it very well. Some makers using W2 including Don Hanson III of Sunfish Forge and sword makers Walter Sorrell and Howard Clark.

Cincinnati Tool Steel AISI W2 Data Sheet PDF


C Cr Mn Mo Ni P Si S Cu W V
0.85-1.5 1.5 0.1-0.4 0.1 0.2 0.025 0.1-0.4 0.025 0.2 0.15 0.15-0.35
Values are shown in percentages.