CPM S30V Stainless Steel for Knife Blades

Crucible CPM S30V Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: Crucible

CPM S30V was developed in 2001 by Dick Barber, formerly of Crucible Steel. It was designed primarily as a cutlery steel and has a lower Vanadium content compared with S60V and S90V to allow for easier grinding.

It is currently used extensively by custom knifemakers and high end production knives. Earlier knives using S30V had reports of chipping from what appears to be improper heat treatment, though recently less of these types of problems seem to be occuring.

S30V is tougher than 440C and D2, and should be hardened to RC58-61 ideally. When hardened more, the steel can become brittle and prone to chipping. The steel is also more wear resistant than D2, 440C or 154CM, making it more difficult to sharpen. The Corrosion resistance of S30V is equal to or better than 440C, which is quite an acheivement given that CPM S30V performs much like a high steel tool steel. The Particle Metallurgy process also creates a very refined grain microstructure with very evenly dispersed Vanadium Carbides allowing the steel to take a very fine consistent edge.

Companies extensively using this steel include Strider, Chris Reeve Knives and Zero Tolerance.

Crucible CPM S30V Data Sheet PDF


C Co Cr Mn Mo Ni P Si S W V
1.45 - 14 - 2 - - - - - 4
Values are shown in percentages.