CPM S90V Stainless Steel for Knife Blades

Crucible CPM S90V Stainless Steel

Manufacturer: Crucible

CPM S90V (also called 420V) is a stainless tool steel that has very high wear resistance but also offer high corrosion resistance. S90V is one of the toughest stainless steel available that is suitable for knife blades.

S90V is not that commonly used, though has been used by knife companies such as Spyderco and occasionally by custom makers. The high wear resistance makes it difficult to work with an difficult for an end user to sharpen but your knives will stay sharp longer.

Crucible CPM S90V Data Sheet PDF


C Co Cr Mn Mo Ni P Si S W V
2.3 - 14 - 1 - - - - - 9
Values are shown in percentages.