Scandinavian Grind - Blade Geometry

Scandinavian Grind Info


The Scandinavian Grind is basically a Saber or Flat grind that has no secondary bevel, making the edge extremely thin. The reason it is called a Scandinavian grind is because it is commonly found in Scandinavian knives such as Puukko and Mora knives, which are designed for woodwork and utility. Cold Steel also makes a Puukko-style knife called the Finn Bear which uses a Scandinavian Grind.

Because there is no secondary bevel, the knife is not only sharper, but requires special care when sharpening, since the entire primary bevel needs to be honed. This is very easy if you are a freehand sharpener since it is easy to "feel" the bevel and get the correct angle for sharpening.

Another way to sharpen a Scandinavian grind is to use a strop or the mousepad and ultrafine sandpaper technique, similar to sharpening a convex grind, though it is recommended that you use a freehand sharpening technique as it will maintain the Scandinavian grind geometry.

Scandinavian Grind Examples